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React Redux Web Development

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However, it is important to implement Redux only if it fits your requirements and your project needs a state management tool. Redux allows developers to intercept all actions dispatched from components before they are passed to the reducer function. This interception is done via middleware, which are functions that call the next method received in an argument after processing the current action. Redux is an example of a JavaScript library whose enduring popularity is a testament to its value. In this guide, we’ll provide a foundational understanding of Redux, highlighting its functionalities and why you should use it. We’ll explore its benefits by using a simple but practical component.
react redux web development
The third category is eliminating unnecessary calls and updates. This is different than the first optimization, which deals with checking if a component should update. This optimization deals with even making the call, to begin with. For example, it is easy, without the necessary checks; to accidentally trigger multiple backend calls in the same component. Managing dependent libraries is a bit of a double-edged sword.

Want to launch a robust, easy-to-use, scalable, high-load application?

Such a narrow specialization allows us to work at a global level, bringing together experienced senior developers who know their technology inside and out. We’re always busy expanding our knowledge to achieve JavaScript mastery. And we translate this expertise to the solutions we build for our clients, balancing and optimizing their cost and performance.

  • This approach reduces the complexity of managing state across different components and simplifies the process of developing complex applications.
  • In this article, we focus on two front-end technologies – React and another Javascript library, Redux.
  • To go back to our eCommerce example, this could be the items in your shopping cart, suggested items, what page you’re on in a list of products, or the result of a search.
  • Try the Babel REPL to see the raw JavaScript code produced by the JSX compilation step.
  • This is different than the first optimization, which deals with checking if a component should update.

This is why React is more than a library, an architecture, or even an ecosystem. It’s a place where you can ask for help, find opportunities, and meet new friends. You will meet both developers and designers, beginners and experts, researchers and artists, teachers and students.


This is the same concept as presentational and container components. The container connects redux data to the presentational component. After one of our initial rewrites from plain old Javascript to Typescript, we still had babel in our pipeline. Removing it simplified our build process and reduced one bit of complexity and could only result in a net speedup of our build. Build your redux actions around this in mind otherwise, a small failure in an API can cause major portions of your app not to load. Your team can ship to many platforms without sacrificing the user experience.

Since component logic is written in JavaScript instead of templates, you can easily pass rich data through your app and keep state out of the DOM. Declarative views make your code more predictable and easier to debug. We believe JavaScript frameworks can make a revolution in the software development world.

Use Typescript

Your organization can bridge the platform silos, and form teams that own entire features end-to-end. Frameworks that implement it let you fetch data in asynchronous components that run on the server or even during the build. Read data from a file or a database, and pass it down to your interactive components. Dioxus, a Rust library, allows you to build cross-platform UI components. It works like a hybrid of React with the safety and speed of Rust. With it, you can handle the initial render of the app by sending the state of an app to the server along with its response to the server request.
react redux web development
While this approach is simpler, cleaner, and more compact in larger apps, it suffers from lack of type checking with the AND’d interfaces between the action and reducer. Technically, there is still no true type checking between the action and reducer, but lack of a common single interface for the arguments opens up the risk errors when refactoring. For example, we use react-actions and react-redux which has a flaw in that the action argument types aren’t type checked between the actions and reducers. We’ve experienced several issues with this so far when we were updating an action but forgot to update the reducer’s arguments and had a mismatch, which the type checker didn’t catch. One way we’ve gotten around this is to create a single interface containing all of the arguments and use that. That way if you use the same interface and update that shared interface, you’ll be properly type checked.
react redux web development
In an app where data is shared among components, it might be confusing to actually know where a state should live. Ideally, the data in a component should live in just one component, so sharing data among sibling components becomes difficult. This is because React only allows for a uni-directional flow of data. That means data cannot be sent from a child to a parent; it has to flow downward from the parent to the child. This thought model works very well with Redux where we cannot directly modify the state.
react redux web development
The main difference is Redux Saga has a different approach to handling this asynchronous logic, based on generator functions. Redux was originally designed to be used with React, so Redux is certainly good with React. The two libraries redux web development are often used together to build complex web applications. Redux is a framework used on the frontend of a web application. It’s a way to organize data in its store that controls the elements users see and interact with in the browser.

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