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Recovery Management: A Key to Successful Sobriety

Kasım 3, 2021

Early sobriety may come with feelings of fatigue, anxiety, or depression. You may also experience sobriety triggers (people, places, and things that trigger the desire to use). Know that it will get easier as you move through treatment and explore why you were using drugs or alcohol in the first place. Common setbacks to getting...

Ekim 28, 2021

This is particularly critical when the counseling relationship includes a cross-racial or cross-gender dyad. The externally imposed powerlessness of racial, class, and gender oppression may be enforced through various means including economic, social, or physical ways. People in positions of power may have control over others in determining, for example, who gets jobs, who is...

Haziran 22, 2021

The results exhibit how alcohol can activate hunger signals in the brain, increasing the urge to eat. Some evidence suggests that heavy drinking may cause your adrenal glands not to regulate how much cortisol they secrete. As a result, people who drink heavily may have high cortisol levels. Weight is certainly https://www.saturn-fc.ru/en/general/23528/ not the only...

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